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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Additional funding has been made available by the DfE to support those students who do not reach a level 4 in English or Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2.

In 2013-14 we received £1500, 2014-15 £3000 and 2015-16 £3000.  This funding was used to contribute towards the following:

  • Specialist Literacy Support post each year providing 1:1 support to students with low prior attainment
  • Allocating a dedicated Teaching Assistant in Maths to ensure consistent support in smaller groups to aid access to the curriculum.
  • Investment in IPads and appropriate apps to broaden development resources.
  • Increased resources including My Maths and Resources for Learning Gold membership.

These interventions were found to be invaluable in supporting the development of students literacy/numeracy  and improving their access to the KS3 curriculum.

We are still awaiting confirmation of the figure for 2016-17 but anticipate it to be £3000 and plan to use these funds to contribute towards the following:

  • Development of the teaching environment throughout the Foundation stage to provide education within a nurturing model.  This will enable all students to develop effective relationships with consistent staff and support the delivery of the core curriculum.