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Wider World

‘Wider World’ has been introduced to the SKY curriculum to provide students with the opportunity to access a range of Humanities based subjects. Humanities can be described as the study of how people process and document the human experience. This includes modes of expression in ethics, citizenship, history, RE, geography and the development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural recognition, in order to understand and record our world. The building of this knowledge gives us the opportunity to feel a sense of connection to what has come before us, as well as what is happening around us and encourages us to consider the future; encouraging us to be world-ready citizens. In a world that is becoming increasingly culturally diverse, it is important that students come to understand their world both past and present, as well as questioning the future, in informed, personal and collective ways.

Wider World works closely with the English department to ensure the curriculum is enriched with speaking, language and communication skills as a way of engaging learners who may not enjoy writing. We build up reading and writing skills through discussions on topical subjects. We use a host of resources including images, videos and practical elements to allow for different avenues of learning to be catered for. In addition, the curriculum is laced with elements of PSHE to support learners in developing knowledge and skills to lead healthy and safe lives and to prepare them for life and work. Humanities plays an important role in developing students’ curiosity and imagination about the world they live in and empowers them to actively shape their lives; make reflective, informed decisions; value their belonging in a diverse and dynamic society; and positively contribute locally, nationally and globally. 


At Sky, the quality of teaching and learning is paramount in supporting the young people to feel a sense of success, as well as being a powerful tool to educate on vital social subjects by incorporating it in to key areas of study. Each year group is set with a series of world based topics across the year. This is broken down as a topic each half term. Please see the link for an overview of the years’ study.  Topic Overview - CLICK HERE

Towards the end of each year, all students are given the opportunity to complete a series of units which accumulate to a ASDAN Short Course qualification. There are a lot of units to choose from, and students are given the opportunity to have a choice of which units they would like to complete. This encourages learners to take responsibility for their learning.

The study of Wider World, is a chance for our students to explore their world and to become successful, contributing members of society.