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“The future depends on what you do today.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Pupils and Parents

Curriculum Information for Pupils 

Students are able to access Careers Education through a sequenced curriculum which is further enhanced through a variety of enterprise projects, work related learning and work experience leading on to potential accreditation routes.


Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

Topic 4

Topic 5

Topic 6

Year 7

What is Careers Education?

Inviting a visiting speaker to talk about their job: The invitation

Inviting a visiting speaker to talk about their job: Preparing questions

Inviting a visiting speaker to talk about their job:  Hosting and reflection

What am I good at? Skills and personal qualities

What am I good at? Multiple intelligence theory, Howard Gardner

Year 8

Job families: How and why jobs are categorised

Using Careers information: Value of research

Using careers information: Recourses and websites

Self-reflection: Selling yourself

What influences me? Decisions and character

What influences me: Shaping the future

Year 9

Stereotyping: Impact on Planning

Stereotyping: Influences on subject choice

Knowing my KS4 Options: Making informed choices

Finding good careers information and advice

Who can help me?  The purpose of careers advice and guidance.


Year 10

Aspiration in Practice


Work Experience

The importance of a positive attitude in the workplace

Health and Safety.  Careers Research

Not in Education, Employment or Training


Year 11

Writing a CV

Interview Skills


Post 16 Options


Job Hunting