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PE and Sport Premium

This government grant is to help fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of our primary aged pupils.

For the 2017/18 academic year we have received £917 which is planned to contribute to the following areas:

  • Training for Sports Lead to qualify as Swimming Instructor and introduction of swimming lessons.  Supporting our staff to be able to deliver this essential life skill is invaluable as it allows students to work with a trusted adult in a challenging situation and increases our ability to be flexible to meet the young persons need. 
  • Training in Rebound Therapy for an additional member of staff to support the programme and increase the accessibility for students.
  • Repair and maintenance of trampoline beds to ensure equipment is available to offer sessions to meet students needs.

In 2016/17 we received £417 which we used to contribute to providing rebound therapy training to two additional staff to increase the accessibility for the younger students and to fit a new web bed to an existing trampoline frame to ensure sufficient equipment to maintain therapeutic support.    

In 2015/16 we received £417 which we used to contribute to soft play equipment which is invaluable to assist our primary aged pupils to play and work collaboratively with their peers which supports them to develop creative and problem solving skills.  The soft play equipment has also supported the younger students to successfully access the trampolines we have, both through PE lessons and Bounce Therapy sessions.

In 2014/15 we received £525 which we are using to contribute to the following areas:

  • IPads and hand held projector.
  • Additional training for sports lead in order to include Gymnastics in curriculum offer.

The equipment we have purchased has revolutionised the sports programme on offer at Sky.  Pupils are able to research sports and technique, as well as making use of video facilities and projection equipment to provide immediate feedback.  Additional training for staff has allowed further broadening of the sports programme.

 In 2013/14 we received £975 which we used to contribute to the following areas:

  • Training for sports lead to deliver lessons in new Fitness Suite.
  • Lighter equipment appropriate for primary aged pupils.
  • Purchasing small sports equipment to retain in the nurture provision for the specific use of nurture pupils.

This funding has supported us to ensure the primary pupils within the nurture base have direct access to sports equipment which not only supports their curriculum programme but often supports their therapeutic provision.  The training and equipment relating to the fitness suite has allowed us to broaden the primary offer for sport and allow primary pupils to use the facilities on site to their full potential.