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The Vision

At Sky College, we endeavor to teach our students a rich and progressive maths curriculum. We believe that maths teaches us how to make sense of the world around us through developing an ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems. We encourage the students to develop these key and fundamental skills through their growing knowledge and understanding of the world.


Conceptual Understanding
In developing student's skills through enhancing their factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge, we allow them to deepen their mathematical understanding and be able to apply what they know to help them to solve problems.
Mathematical Reasoning
The progression and development of mental calculations and efficiency in strategies will provide students with the skills which will allow them to communicate and present their findings effectively using appropriate mathematical language.
By providing opportunities to apply their mathematical skills in different contexts and across a range of subject areas, students will be able to work systematically to organise information, find patterns and ultimately solutions through independent and collaborative learning. It is with this in mind that we endeavor to ensure that students develop self-confidence in their ability to approach a range of mathematical problems.

At Sky College we are aspirational for all of our students. In the Mathematics department we follow the National Curriculum guidelines and follow Kangaroo Maths from year 6 to year 9. This allows for a consistent teaching experience to prepare for their GCSE. We then follow the Edexcel Scheme and it is our intention that every student will gain a GCSE in Maths.

It is expected that the scheme of work is followed in each year group and quality first teaching ensures appropriate differentiation so that all students can access the materials. Lessons should be engaging, and use a variety of learning styles to ensure students are stretched yet excited about the learning of maths. 

Courses Offered

Maths is taught as part of a holistic nurturing timetable. The aim is 4 hours per week is taught but this can be done as smaller sessions to engage learners at all times.
The Kangaroo Maths SOW is followed to ensure the KS2 requirements are taught, and that students will then join KS3 understanding the framework of maths lessons.
Kangaroo Maths is used as a framework to ensure key criteria are met to prepare students for a GCSE course in maths. There are 4 lessons a week and these are discrete lessons. Lessons are taught in a variety of ways and intervention is provided where necessary.
The Edexcel course is followed and students are prepared for GCSE. There are 4 discrete lessons a week and intervention can be provided where needed. If appropriate students may also be entered for Statistics. Entry Level can be considered. Students will be supported through a flight path of progress adjusted to their individual needs.