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The Maths department at Sky College encourages students to develop their skills and build confidence in order to work independently. We use a host of interactive platforms such as Edlounge and Khan Academy to target areas requiring improvement and widen the opportunity for student engagement.

In KS3 students develop basic numeracy skills through practical, fun activities including number game play and interactive resources. Many lessons are taught with low pupil to adult ratios which enable a high level of individualised support to maximise their progress and reach their national curriculum target.

In KS4 Sky Learners follow the GCSE programme which encourages them to develop confidence and a positive attitude towards the subject, and to recognise the importance of Maths in their own lives. This qualification prepares students to make informed decisions about the use of technology, the management of money, further learning opportunities and career choices.

Sky Learners can also choose additional pathways by following the functional skills programme in mathematics as an alternative to, or in support of the GCSE programme. The functional skills qualification can be completed at either level 1 or 2. This course includes the following components: data representation, analysing situations mathematically, interpreting solutions to problems, number, algebra, geometry and statistics.

Mostly, we aim to make maths fun and enjoyable, encouraging our students to develop on their own journey in the world of numbers, we strive to understand the student and adapt to offer each individual student the opportunities to achieve success.

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