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The Maths department at Sky College encourages students to develop their skills and build confidence in order to work independently. We use a host of interactive platforms such as MyMaths, Sumdog and Khan Academy to target areas requiring improvement and widen the opportunity for student engagement.

Sky Learners build their confidence in Maths through the completion of a progression pathway which begins with AQA Entry Level, moving through Edexcel Functional Skills and for those that are ready, on to GCSE Mathematics.  Students Entry Level and Functional Skills are tested on demand so they can complete assignments when they are ready, helping to keep them motivated and  building on their success to achieve the outcomes they deserve.

Our GCSE Maths qualifications enable students to engage with, explore, enjoy and succeed.  By putting students at the heart of everything we do, our aim is to shape what success in Maths looks like for every student.

Mostly, we aim to make maths fun and enjoyable, encouraging our students to develop on their own journey in the world of numbers, we strive to understand the student and adapt to offer each individual student the opportunities to achieve success.

Maths is for everyone.  It is diverse, engaging and essential in equipping students with the right skills to reach their future destination, whatever that may be.

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