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Overview of activities

Zoom Meetings - these have been arranged with set groups by teachers. You will get the access code either from your Key Worker or in your epraise account message box.

• This schedule is to provide you with a sequence of activities that you can choose from.

• Of course the more that you do, the more you will discover, learn and understand; but you choose what to do. Ideally each day you will complete some English, maths and one other subject.

BBC Bitesize – These are daily lessons for all year groups. You can either choose the year you are in or below that if you find it tricky. You can choose the subject the most appeals to you.

IXL Online, here you can improve your maths and English skills. Ideally use the Diagnostic Arena each time, this will help find out where you need help.
Mymaths and TT Rock stars; both used in school so you might recognise them. Lots of fun interactives to test and improve your maths.

Science Challenge; sent out in the home learning pack. These are practical activities to get you thinking about the world around you. Make sure you take a photo or short video.

Science Online tasks – These are topics tasks related to specific subjects. You can use the interactive textbook on the platform to find out things and then test your knowledge and understanding through the specific tasks set by your teacher.

• There are various other activities such as BKSB, Art Club and Joe Wicks and paper tasks from your homeworking packs and sites listed in your schedule to try and keep you from getting bored. Try them and see how you get on.
Usernames and passwords; these have been sent out by post; but if you have mislaid them please ask your key worker to help. They will access to the file where they can find them. You can contact staff through your epraise account for things like this, but do give them time to reply.




Click HERE to access the live web links.

Group: Foundation 1-4 (Year 6-7)



Group: Consolidation 1-3 (Year 8-9)


Group: Progression 1-3, 1:1 & Tbase (Year 9,10 &11)