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For tips on how to make home learning a success CLICK HERE

The following sites are the main resources that the school provides access to, where the student will have a unique login. This means that their activity, work and progress can be tracked and monitored by staff. They may even be able to give responses, mark work and give advice on how to improve.

Log-ins have been sent home for all sites.

Epraise – Reward and praise site with message board, homework board - CLICK HERE

English and Maths

BKSB-Entry Level and Functional Skills activities and test questions for English and Maths - CLICK HERE


IXL – Learning activities subscribed site - CLICK HERE



Work can be set by teachers and it is self-marked. Each student can watch a lesson which accompanies a short assessment. A student can try as many times as they like to achieve a green star. Used widely at Sky and all teachers have set work so far on this platform. - CLICK HERE

Students can battle for times table supremacy. The program adapts to how well a student is doing and will set harder challenges. Teachers can access students progress and there are leader boards!!



Activelearn – CLICK HERE

Science set tasks based on National Curriculum school plans. Work is set by teachers and when completed will be marked.



OAK national ACaDEMY

This brand-new enterprise has been created by 40 teachers from some of the leading schools across England, backed by government grant funding. It will provide 180 video lessons each week, across a broad range of subjects from maths to art to languages. CLICK HERE to visit.