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Food Technology

At Sky College we have exceptional facilities to deliver an outstanding programme for Food Technology. Our fully equipped kitchen is separated into small group work zones each complete with their own first class equipment. Food Technology is a popular choice and many of our students will choose to participate in extra sessions as part of the rewards system.

Students in KS3 follow the Licence to Cook programme where they cover the following aspects:

Healthy Eating

Food Safety and Hygiene

Food preparation skills

Wise food shopping and organisation

At KS4 students follow the Edexcel BTEC Home Skills Cooking course level 1 and 2. Students complete a learner record as they follow the course and record their use of skills in food preparation. In practical lessons students will learn how to follow a recipe, use fresh ingredients, cook and prepare food safely, prepare and cook food hygienically, understand why home cooking is better value for money, read food labels to understand the nutritional value and learn how to present food attractively.

In support of the above qualifications and to provide our young people with a qualification relevant to the workplace we offer the opportunity to undertake the SSAL Food Safety and Hygiene qualification.

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