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Rod Cockram


Rod has worked for Sky College since 1993 after working as a team leader in a similar school in Devon. Prior to persuing a career in education Rod spent six years in the RAF regiment.

Rod believes that the key to successful outcomes for our students is having committed staff who understand the importance of simply investing time and energy with the boys. With this in mind Rod ensures that his role as Head of Care is largely spent working directly with the boys to maximise the positive impact of the care team in the boys academic, social and emotional development.

Outside of work Rod's interests are an extension of the activities offered at Sky but particularly surfing and cycling as well as his keen interest in what is happening in the world around us.

Christopher Nezianya


I formally worked for Liverpool Schools Sports Partnership as a coach, my duties included working in schools and taking P.E. lessons, organising inter school competitions and helping young people develop and reach their sporting potential. I enjoy a variety of sports particularly football and I have enjoyed a semi-professional career as a footballer. In 2008 I moved to Somerset from Liverpool and began working in a children's residential home as a residential support worker. I wanted to work at Sky College as I saw this as an opportunity to further my professional development and I also enjoy helping young people to overcome any negative aspects they or others may hold toward them and instead, achieve their potential in these aspects of their lives. I believe Sky College works with the same ethos and this made my decision to want to join this team, a very easy one to make.

Carol Storer


Carol spent ten years living in the Middle East where she taught English before she returned to England and joined the Boarding House staff. Before that she had a career in the Royal Air Force and was one of the first females to go through aircrew training.

Sue Wyman


Sue has a wealth of experience as she has been working at Sky College since 1994. Sue is responsible for providing care and support for boarders in the evening and throughout the night.

Sue brings her maternal qualities to the boarding provision and is a highly valued member of staff by both colleagues and the boys. Outside of work Sue enjoys reading, camping, spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren and is famous for her baking.